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Mankind was forced to retreat into Varanium Monoliths by a parasitic virus, known as the Gastrea that normally turns humans into bug-like monsters. However there are few that do not undergo such a drastic transformation—the “Cursed Children”. These children are neither human, nor Gastrea—they possess the extraordinary powers of the Gastrea, but are born as females that have a stunted growth. Although feared and not accepted, the cursed children seem to be the one of the few weapons mankind has to ensure their survival against the growing threat of the Gastrea. It is for this purpose, the Civil Securities set up teams of two, consisting of a human Promoter and cursed child Initiator. Rentaro Satsumi was recruited as a Promoter, and along with his Initiator, Enju, he battles the Gastrea in order to save humanity. However, things take a turn for the worst when the government recruits him for a secret mission to save Tokyo City Area.


While this seems like a typical anime plot that we’ve all seen a lot of, Black Bullet has maintained originality by how it progresses Black-bullet-2the story. The anime does start at a rather fast pace, but it slows down after a couple of episodes and really builds characters up. Like all “humanity on the brink of death” stories, it does have its “deep” moments, but most of the show is pretty light hearted compared to other animes of the same genre. Since the cursed children are young females, the show does have a slight tendency to go overboard with the lolicon, in my opinion. Additionally a little fan-service is present that acts as comic relief.  The script could use a little enhancing, but none of that is really a deal breaker. The show brilliantly explores the flawed tendencies in humanity to be discriminatory against what it does not completely understand. In some cases, mankind appears to be the real monsters—making young girls weapons for combat and treating the cursed children in an inhumane manner. However, it does also show the softer side of humans and displays their strengths in an open manner. Overall the series has a brilliant story so far that completely sucks you in from the very first episode.


Black-bullet-2You actually fall in love with the anime within the first 10 seconds. The art and animation of the series is pretty outstanding. Not only are the character designs amazing, it has one of the most beautiful fight scenes. The animation is consistent, without any signs of quality dropping. No doubt it is one of best animations in 2014 so far.


At the start, I didn’t see much depth in the characters, but as the story’s pace slows down you really see the different personalities of each character. Additionally, you actually feel the character development each character goes through. Even supporting characters are given their own personality and development which is rare in animes these days.  Overall the characters are all likeable and you’ll find yourself secretly rooting for the villains in some cases as well.

Overall Opinion

Black Bullet has seriously turned into one of my favorite series. Everything from the story and the characters are brilliantly done and if you’re looking for your new summer favorite, you can’t miss to watch Black Bullet.