Kickstarter Launching April 18th

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We will be launching our Kickstarter for Death Sin April 18th with our new partner Phoenix Dreams Publishing.

Why are we doing a Kickstarter?

  • To reprint Death Sin with PDP Logo.
  • Have a stock of books to sell at Cons and Online.
  • To give fans exclusive content in the printed copy.
Watch this Video for more Info!


New Partner: Phoenix Dreams Publishing

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PDP will be Publishing our Death Sin Manga

From now on Death Sin will have their logo on it and it will be available for purchase via online as well as at conventions across the United States. This is a big chance for us to spread Death Sin across the US, now people from different states will be able to grab a copy of it. 


Here is some info about PDP.

Phoenix Dreams Publishing’s goal is to build a creative collective that works together to promote each other’s works, provide support in the creative process, and team up to create new projects. We are going to increase the reach of indie creators by giving them a larger market than they might reach alone. Together we can tell more stories and reach more people.

Check out what they are doing here.


Death Sin Published in Japan!

We have signed a deal to have Death Sin translated into Japanese! Later this year it will release on MangaX and we will begin to gain fans in the home country of Manga! Thank you guys for reading Death Sin we really love to release this awesome story. 

A bit info about the MangaX program through MAGIA.

MangaX is a mutilingual MANGA medium.
In addition to its UI, all Mangas are optimised for multilingual delivery.
This also includes the layout of frames and binding directions optimised for each language.
Many languages are accommodated, including Japanese, Chinese and English.
MAGIA welcomes everybody to join our global platform.


We have been expanding and delivering new stories to fans all over the world.
Enjoyed by 3 million people worldwide, The MangaX Original Series is now a major distributor of top-quality Manga.
Today, 120 million pages of the MangaX Original Series are read monthly.
Still, This is only the Beginning. The Next Chapter has already started.

Family Guy has its Own Cinemanga

Family Guy has its Own Cinemanga

Are you familiar with cinemanga?

Cinemanga is the comic book version of a TV show or movie. The difference between cinemanga with an actual manga is that the former uses still images of scenes that were used in the TV show or movie instead of drawings. The cinemanga format was popularized by famous publisher Tokyopop.

One of the most hilarious cinemangas to have ever existed is Family Guy. Tokyopop chose some of the best Family Guy episodes and laid them out in two manga volumes.

Death is a Bitch

The first volume of Family Guy’s cinemanga is titled Death is a Bitch. The gist of the story is that everyone becomes immortal after Death injures himself and cannot do his job to take people to ‘the other side’.

In the cinemanga, Lois finds a lump of Peter’s breast and worries that it could be cancer. However, it’s nothing more than just a benign lump of fat. Peter doesn’t want to pay the hospital bill so declares himself dead on the insurance form. This prompts death to appear before him. Peter, of course, runs away and Death chases after him only to stumble and sprain its ankle. With Death immobilized, everyone becomes immortal, which destroys the life-and-death balance in the world. Thus, in true Family Guy fashion, Death had no choice but to ask Peter to temporarily take his place, and hilarity ensues.

I am Peter, hear me Roar

The second volume of Family Guy’s cinemanga is titled “I am Peter, hear me Roar,” which is based on the show’s episode 8 of season 2. In the cinemanga, Peter accidentally makes sexist jokes while intoxicated in a bar. One of Peter’s co-workers hears about it and sues him. The female coworker’s lawyer, however, offers to drop the charges if Peter attends a sensitivity training program and a women’s retreat. At the retreat, Peter receives life-changing tests that not only affect his views on women but his gender as well.

Family Guy throws jabs at the current events in America, and throws in just the right amount of humor to show its fans that there’s a lighter side to all the current issues. Family Guy’s episodes are so witty that apart from a cinemanga, that many spinoffs have been created over the years. The show’s creator Seth MacFarlane co-created alongside Mike Henry and Richard Appel The Cleveland Show, a popular Family Guy spinoff that premiered in September, 2009. The Cleveland Show is about The Tubbs and Browns, two dysfunctional families that take much of its humor by lambasting the culture and trends in the U.S.

Apart from the aforementioned spinoffs, video games were also made for fans of the show. The Family Guy Video Game! is a title released by 2K Games and developed by High Voltage Software in 2006. On the other hand, there’s also a Family Guy slot machine game that targets the adult demographic. There’s also The Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, which is a freemium video game for the iOS and Android that launched in April 2014.

If you’re interested to read Family Guy’s comical cinemanga from TokyoPop, you may purchase it from Barnes and Noble.