The Testament of Sister New Devil – Review

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Once I got to the second episode of this anime, I had a fearful speculation that this would turn out to be a full on fan-service anime with small, random misadventures that include many perverted scenes thrown right into the mix. It just didn’t seem as if it was going anywhere. Seriously, there is even a master-servant curse contract created for the hero and heroine in the second episode. When the curse is activated, the only way to stop it is to touch the heroine in her sensitive places!! Really?? WHY? OH GOD WHY?!?!

For reasons beyond my comprehension, I decided to continue watching the series. I later find that despite my original impression, The Testament of Sister New Devil actually has a somewhat of an interesting plot. A Hero Clan battling Demons in an all out fight for good? That sounds pretty sweet to me! I found that once I muscled my way past all of the ecchi moments, I found that this anime can have some decent fight scenes as well as some funny moments too (even if most of the fun is perverted).

The character development is average and I’m not too impressed with the main characters backstory. It seems kind of cliche to me. As a matter of fact, a lot of things about this anime seem cliche. Please don’t misunderstand me. It has a few fight scenes that are worth watching and it has a few scenes that can manage to bring a smile to my face. Yet I still find this anime to be quite average. With this in mind, I found a few minor details about the show to be quite appealing to me.

For one, I think the animation is gorgeous, Everything about it is detailed and original. Especially the character’s eyes. The eyes have a stunning design and they far exceed my normal interpretation of what typical character features should include.

I also found the soundtrack to be quite enjoyable. It had me feeling raw emotions of sadness, laughter, and intensity. This is very surprising considering how average the rest of the anime was

If fanservice or a good laugh is your thing, then this anime is for you. However, if you enjoy action packed anime or you are someone who prefers the shounen style, then I think you would prefer to stay away from this anime, even if it has a few decent fight scenes.

So The Testament of Sister New Devil will lose major points for it’s overuse of fanservice and randomness. However, the few things that were good about it, are decent enough to give this series a better score.

Final Grade: C

Kill La Kill Review

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I was originally skeptical of watching this anime since it was created by the same duo that made Gurren Lagann. I was never a fan of that show and I was assuming that would be the same case for this series. Now I must say that I have never been more wrong in my entire life. Kill La Kill was a spectacular combination of action, adventure, comedy, drama and fanservice. It’s good fun to watch and it always keeps me anxious to know what happens next.



Ryoko Matoi is a valiant high school student traveling all over Japan for clues to the truth behind her father’s death. This journey takes Ryoko to Honnouji Academy. This odd school is set up with a unique social system. The students are placed into classes and depending on social standing and strength, you are presented with Goku Uniforms. These aren’t ordinary clothes as they grant the user unimaginable power. The leader of this system is Class President Satsuki Kiryuin who rules over the class and teacher body with an iron fist. Ryoko believes that Satsuki holds knowledge of her father so she boldly challenges all of Satsuki’s subordinates and the class president her self to a mighty fight to gain intel on the secrets of her deceased parent.



Kill La Kill is by far the most unique anime I have ever seen. I am amazed that an anime could provide such a perfect blend of serious action and comedy AND throw in some fan service for a bonus. Not just that, but the story is actually decent. I thought that the idea of having an anime based around clothes that give humans superpowers to be a bit ridiculous. But in reality, this anime managed to make even an outrageous plot like that work really well. However, I am not a fan of how rushed the series seemed to be. There were many occasions where I believed that the story was moving too fast.



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Overall, the character development was somewhat decent. Other than Satsuki Kiryuin and Ryoko Matoi, the secondary characters and minor characters had pathetic background stories if any at all. But the stories of Satsuki and Ryoko are so amazing that they provide plenty of satisfaction for me.



Despite this being an anime that suffered budget issues, the animation was stunning. It was very unique and actually quite attractive even though it was a low-key style. The fight sequences were a spectacular showcase and I loved every minute of its near-perfect presentation.



The soundtrack was perfect! The openings and endings were decent but the background audio for the show always managed to give me shivers. Every time the fight theme came on, every hair on my body stood up as I became shrouded in goosebumps. It’s a beautiful fighting theme and I think it fits perfectly with this anime.



When all is said and done, Kill La Kill managed to become one of my new favorite anime. It’s a rowdy fun fest and I highly recommend watching it.

Final Grade: B+

Upcoming Reviews: February

While I am waiting for my Winter 2015 anime and manga to finish up, I thought that I might as well write a few more reviews before then. It has occurred to me that I shouldn’t restrict myself to review ONLY new anime and manga. There are plenty of series that a great number of people have not seen or possibly have not even heard of. So for the month of February, I will be reviewing 3 anime. Some of you may have already seen them and some of you may not have. I’m merely writing to share my opinion on the series. Here are the following anime that I will watch and review for this month…


Kill La Kill

Despite this series being quite popular, I am among the possibly many who have not seen it yet. This will be my first series to watch this month. I am expecting an anime with quite a bit of action and comedy and most likely a bit of odd fanservice (since it is from the creators of Gurren Lagan). I look forward to writing this review.


Akame Ga Kill!

I know very little about this series but I have a few friends whom have seen it and they have nothing but good things to say about it. They typically don’t let me down, so I am assuming that this could possibly be a fantastic series. This will be my second review for this month and I cannot wait for all of you to read it!


Broken Blade

This series looks bad-ass and I am very eager to jump into it. I believe there is only six episodes, so I’m betting that their will be more action-sequences than character development. With that in mind, I guess it could be safe to say that this anime could be a good no-brainer kind of series. But we’ll see!

Winter 2015: What to Look For

This season will bring about tons of kick-ass, heart-throbbing, emotion-prodding, action-packed, imagination-loaded anime and manga. Now the question is, where do I look to get the lowdown on all of these outstanding up-and-coming new series. Well look no further! I, Jared VanOeffelen, shall point you in the direction of the must-see/must-read manga and anime for Winter 2015! So let’s get started!!





Wouldn’t it be cool if we could change reality by simply using our imagination? Have you ever fantasized about having powers like characters in shounen manga and anime? Well then this manga is for you. Seriously, you can expect this manga to give you all the thrills, action, imagination and comedy that you will need. I’ve read three chapters so far (4 are currently out) and I have to say that this manga could possibly shape up to be one of the better manga that will come out this year. It’s so good in fact, that I will not be giving any spoilers or even a short synopsis at all! So please, give it a try!

I will be writing a First Impression article on this manga after I read about 20 to 25 chapters.


Tiger Dragon Brothers

I have not read this one yet and I have to be honest and say that I am kind of skeptical of it. From what I can tell, there seems to be many similarities with Ranma ½. The only difference is that there is a bit of a Shounen twist instead of a romantic comedy. From the several synopsis’ that I have read, I believe this story could have some potential. So I will be giving it a chance and I think you should too!

I will be writing a First Impression article on this manga after I read about 20 chapters.



This is another manga that I have not read yet, but I am giving it a chance based purely on the fact that it seems to have the most original plot for a manga that I have encountered in quite a while. On top of that, from the images I have seen, I’ve got to admit that I am in love with the artwork.

I will be writing a First Impression article on this manga after I read roughly 12 chapters.




The Testament of Sister New Devil

What?? Just another show about demons and gods, you say? No, my friend. The Testament of Sister New Devil is much more than that. I’ve seen two episodes and I can already say that this is an anime to look out for. In addition to the “ultimate battle of good versus evil”, this show boasts great voice actors and many funny moments. Granted there is quite a bit ecchi scenes, but the plot seems like it could have more than enough potential to be an outstanding anime.

I will be writing a review for this anime after the season is completed.


World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman

I know very little about this series but it seems like it’s gonna be the biggest kick-ass anime on crunchyroll this season. The plot is solid and gives room for growth. The animation is beautiful. I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on this one and you should too!

I will be writing a review for this anime after the season is completed.


Unlimited Fafnir

Do you like dragons? Do you like women with super powers? Then this anime is perfect for you! The plot seems to involve a bit of a comedy AND serious tone with it. Basically the world was threatened by monsters called “dragons”. They wanted to ravage the earth and find mates. So it’s your typical post apocalyptic anime, right? Wrong! Soon these girls with superpowers started showing up. They possessed the powers of the dragons so they are called “D girls”. Still think it’s a cliche anime? Well there is an academy for D girls and soon the only “D” male in existence will be attending it. Now they need to train so they can defeat the seven dragons that threaten to destroy the world. So it seems like it could be a pretty decent anime. It will be going on my watch list, that’s for sure.

I will be writing a review for this anime after the season is completed.


WataMote Review

While browsing through my crunchyroll app on my phone a few weeks ago, I came across a goldmine. I found an anime that is arguably the most-relatable series I have ever watched. “WataMote” was the title of this treasure. It follows the story of fifteen year old Tomoko Kuroki, a shy, clumsy, awkward protagonist that one cannot help but love. Tomoko is an unpopular girl and as such she has struggled in making friends. As you tag along with her on her high school journey, you get to experience all of Tomoko’s desperate, futile and usually hilarious attempts at trying to become a popular girl.

It’s slow-paced, but I find that it can be a great anime to watch when I need a break from the constant heavy-filled agenda of shounen anime that I usually watch.

While this series tends have a lot of dramatic aspects that can sometimes lead to some pretty depressing real life comparisons for people of the unpopular class (a.k.a. my high school persona), the semi-seriousness of the drama allows for a lot of room for comedic filling. There are plenty of moments where I wanted to cry, but there were even more moments where I couldn’t control my laughter. Not just that, but “WataMote” had me rewinding many scenes so I could relive the hilarity all over again. When all is said and done, this series has an outrageous plot yet a magnificent story. That’s probably why so many otakus on blogs and forums all over the internet are praising “WataMote” so highly. The best thing about this series is that it had much more to offer than just a story and great character development.

The animation was flawless in this anime and I couldn’t help but get excited at the site of the smooth character designs and the picture-perfect details implanted into the background and other small aspects. The art in this series is seriously beautiful and I think that is close enough of a reason to watch it.

Now when it comes to the voice acting and directing, I have to be honest and say that I am on the fence for this one. If you prefer, subbed anime, then congratulations, this anime is perfect for you because the voice acting is flawlessly done and it’s completely in-sync. However if you prefer to watch dubbed anime, then “WataMote” may not be for you as the voice acting tends to be a bit ridiculous at times. At least for me it does.

There are in fact, a few drawbacks to this anime. For one, I do not like how it ends but I will not be telling you anything about that. I’ll leave it for you to decide after you have experienced the series for yourselves. Secondly, while 12 episodes seems to be a great filling of anime of this sort, I believe at least 24 would have been more justifiable. Especially since it’s manga is still ongoing. And finally, other than the opening and closing (which were outstanding I must add), I didn’t really find anything too special about the rest of the soundtrack to this anime. It was just lacking in parts where an energetic feeling was needed to be ignited. Even where a comedic feeling was needed, it still lacked.

Other than those small setbacks, I thoroughly enjoyed watching “WataMote” and experiencing the horrors of high school right along side of Tomoko. The positives definitely outweigh the negatives on this one. Trust me, If you are looking for a great slice-of-life series to watch, I highly recommend this one.

Final Grade: A-

Terra Formars Anime Review


In an attempt to colonize Mars, 21st century scientists tasked with terraforming the planet seed it with a modified algae to absorb sunlight and purify the atmosphere, and cockroaches whose corpses spread the algae across the planet as they feed.

Five hundred years later, the first manned ship to Mars lands and its six crew members are attacked by giant mutated humanoid cockroaches with incredible physical strength, later labeled “Terra Formars”; the crew is wiped out after sending a warning back to Earth. Decades later, a multinational expedition is sent to exterminate the mutated bugs and take control of the red planet only to be vanquished as well, except for two survivors who manage to return to Earth, one swearing to return and avenge their fallen companions. As a third expedition is assembled, questions are raised about the true origin of the Terra Formars and their connection with a deadly virus afflicting mankind.

To fight the Terra Formars’ strength and agility, members of the second and third expedition undergo genetic modification to inherit the characteristics of other organisms, only possible after having a special organ implanted with a 36% chance of surviving the surgery itself.


As far as originality goes Terra Formars takes the cake, this series must have been dreamed up by someone who has a hatred of all things roach. There is nothing more terrifying than a human sized roach who literally wants to kill you just because it can. There is a scene in one of the episodes when a character says how we kill them just because we see them and its true for them doing it to us. What caught me about this tale is how brutal the action is and how even though the bugs are bashing people’s skulls in or tearing off their heads they have zero emotion whatsoever. As the story unfolds some conspiracy and mystery underlies the intense action and we even get back stories on the characters as the episodes goes on. Revealing their motivation for signing up for the procedure that gives you special animal abilities but has a thirty six percent chance of success. This is the one anime that you can watch and enjoy but actually learn something! Every episode you learn about rare animals and what they can do.


The moment is starts you love the animation, its crisp and new with fast action that is pleasing to the eye. Unlike other shows it doesn’t cut away or blur things as the characters start moving and running. There is intense censoring when I watched it where black bars or dots would overlay a head being ripped off or someone cut in half but now there are uncensored episodes that show all the action in brutal glory.


This is definitely a show where I was scared to get attached to the characters for fear of them getting wiped out. No one to me is safe even though I can’t help but like certain characters or powers. Once the back stories start it helps to get to know why they are on Mars and even why a certain animal was chosen for their powers to be based off of. Typically a back story takes half an episode then the rest is the current life or death fight they are involved in against a roach. The group have people from different nations so it is very interesting seeing how they react and speak to each other. You get a little bit of national pride as your citizen fights for their lives.

Overall Opinion

Terra formars is a bad ass anime that deserves the attention that say Attack on Titan received. Kudos to blending the animals or bugs features into a human body and it not looking silly or weird. You can’t help but cheer as the underdog humans start to fight for their lives. Check it out if you like action or sci fi anime.