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While browsing through my crunchyroll app on my phone a few weeks ago, I came across a goldmine. I found an anime that is arguably the most-relatable series I have ever watched. “WataMote” was the title of this treasure. It follows the story of fifteen year old Tomoko Kuroki, a shy, clumsy, awkward protagonist that one cannot help but love. Tomoko is an unpopular girl and as such she has struggled in making friends. As you tag along with her on her high school journey, you get to experience all of Tomoko’s desperate, futile and usually hilarious attempts at trying to become a popular girl.

It’s slow-paced, but I find that it can be a great anime to watch when I need a break from the constant heavy-filled agenda of shounen anime that I usually watch.

While this series tends have a lot of dramatic aspects that can sometimes lead to some pretty depressing real life comparisons for people of the unpopular class (a.k.a. my high school persona), the semi-seriousness of the drama allows for a lot of room for comedic filling. There are plenty of moments where I wanted to cry, but there were even more moments where I couldn’t control my laughter. Not just that, but “WataMote” had me rewinding many scenes so I could relive the hilarity all over again. When all is said and done, this series has an outrageous plot yet a magnificent story. That’s probably why so many otakus on blogs and forums all over the internet are praising “WataMote” so highly. The best thing about this series is that it had much more to offer than just a story and great character development.

The animation was flawless in this anime and I couldn’t help but get excited at the site of the smooth character designs and the picture-perfect details implanted into the background and other small aspects. The art in this series is seriously beautiful and I think that is close enough of a reason to watch it.

Now when it comes to the voice acting and directing, I have to be honest and say that I am on the fence for this one. If you prefer, subbed anime, then congratulations, this anime is perfect for you because the voice acting is flawlessly done and it’s completely in-sync. However if you prefer to watch dubbed anime, then “WataMote” may not be for you as the voice acting tends to be a bit ridiculous at times. At least for me it does.

There are in fact, a few drawbacks to this anime. For one, I do not like how it ends but I will not be telling you anything about that. I’ll leave it for you to decide after you have experienced the series for yourselves. Secondly, while 12 episodes seems to be a great filling of anime of this sort, I believe at least 24 would have been more justifiable. Especially since it’s manga is still ongoing. And finally, other than the opening and closing (which were outstanding I must add), I didn’t really find anything too special about the rest of the soundtrack to this anime. It was just lacking in parts where an energetic feeling was needed to be ignited. Even where a comedic feeling was needed, it still lacked.

Other than those small setbacks, I thoroughly enjoyed watching “WataMote” and experiencing the horrors of high school right along side of Tomoko. The positives definitely outweigh the negatives on this one. Trust me, If you are looking for a great slice-of-life series to watch, I highly recommend this one.

Final Grade: A-